You managed to escape from Doctor Festedon’s laboratory, and the horrid experiments he planned for you. You managed to break his chains, but there’s still a long way to freedom. Escape the traps, inventions and enemies the Doctor has put in your way.


Escape through twenty five stages, through five scenarios. Never look back while you avoid traps and enemies, and be sure you don’t run out of oxygen. To refill it, you can pick up Hourglasses, and remember, getting coins will make your chances of having extra lifes, higher. You’ll need them!

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This is not an exciting job, definetely. But since Grooves CeCeCe offered their online SpaceShip Pilot Degree at half the price, the galaxy is becoming filled with second hand rockets piloted by Sunday drivers. And they crash or become stranded in the most hidden corners, leaving a mess behind. Or worse, they die and we have to clean it.

So, someone has to rescue them. And at least you can entertain yourself a bit.

I don't know why, but each rescue operation is harder and riskier than the previous one. But credits for buying the latest Scraper World issue have to be earned, so let's go!


Complete each level flying to the platform next to the pilot to be rescued. He'll climb to your ship and you should bring him back to the base to have the rescue operation succeed.

Be aware of the dangers ahead, and pay attention to your fuel gauge. You may need to recover fuel cans in some levels, or you won't be able to come back to base.

Some of the pilots are stranded behind huge doors. You may need to find the key to open them and rescue the pilot.

The game has 30 levels in 3 different worlds. Try to beat all of them!

You can play using keyboard, Sinclair joystick or Kempston. Pressing the Q key or UP you will fire your engine. Alternatively, you can also use the SPACE key or Fire.

Moving the stick to the sides will move the ship accordingly. If you use keyboard, use the O and P keys.

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The thousand years old game of GO, a key part of chinese culture.

Good vs Evil, the Ying and the Yan. A struggle that lasted for centuries. The most wise men lived and died while looking for the secret behind the White and Black stones.

Are you up for the challenge?


Two players will compete together, controlled by a human or the CPU. Surrond the pieces of one color with the other one. Once surrounded, the pieces will dissapear, and you'll earn points. The more pieces you make dissapear at once, the higher the score. You can try to block your opponent placing your pieces wisely.

Complete each level by reachign the score goal requested. Once one player reach the level goal, you'l move to the next one, unless the winner is the CPU.

The game has 14 levels. Try to beat all of them!

You can move the pieces using the D-pad, and rotate them anti-clockwise or clockwise using the Button 1 and Button 2

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The team

Manu Segura

Pencil Biter

Jordi Montornés "Kusfo"

Code Monkey

Alfonso Martínez "Sr.Presley"

Game Breaker

David Sánchez "Davidian"

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